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Creatures of Midsummer Nights 2019

When? July 20- August 31

Time: 18:30-21:30 (excluding Fridays)

Where? Eretz Yisrael Museum, Tel Aviv

Joanne Patchick

I won the LoveLoveIsrael competition to the opening night of Creatures of Midsummer Nights at the Israel Museum in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. I took my 4 year old son who was very excited to see all of the wooden animal sculptures such as a peacock, elephant, horse, crocodile, goat, frog, duck and others, all in all there are 30 animals. In this large outdoor area the children are encouraged to walk on, touch and interact with the sculptures by pulling on all different leaver systems and climbing on the animals. The levers and pulleys moved different parts of the animals so with that they can open wings or move the rabbits ears etc The levers and pulleys are at kiddie level so the kids can move elements of the sculptures, however I did find that some of these were quite difficult for the younger kids to move and some he could not reach. The area is only shaded slightly by trees, there are food kiosk options available (schnitzel and chips were 35nis for a large portion) with benches to sit on. The entrance for the exhibition also includes entrance to the Planetarium show for only 10 nis. Kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, my thoughts are if you are able to find a discount or a 1+1 option this would be more cost effective.

The Event:

About 30 animal sculptures will be displayed in the exhibition “Summer Night Animals” in the courtyard of the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. These include a peacock, elephant, grasshopper, fish, snake, lion, horse, crocodile, goat, frog, duck, Shlomo the camel, a Lizard, etc. All of them were created by the artist Ben Aryeh, and are built as high as six meters, with the whole collection resembling a zoo, and at the same time, an alternative art exhibition and a fun park!

“I think with my hands, with my fingertips. I understand what needs to be done and then forget everything and start playing; Intuition guides me, I just start acting like a child. “

For 40 years since he began sculpting, Aharale Ben-Arieh has specialised in large-scale sculptures in public parks, in Israel, and around the world. To this day, despite his rich experience and great technical complexity, he sees his work as intuitive.

Ben Aryeh’s point of departure is an exploration of the materials he creates and through which his creative thinking is expressed. Artist Izhak Gaon, said that “his point of departure is anchored in material, or more precisely in the encounter between matter and concept. What and how they always go together. His works consist of dozens of elements that are intertwined and join one formal perfection. “

The animals “invite” the audience to walk among them, but, unlike “ordinary” art exhibitions, these are not statues to see only. All, to the last, allow visitors to touch, move, and interact with. In a simple action, each child can make them spread their wings, open their mouths or wag their way. Every evening a new and wonderful world will emerge in the museum garden – a world that combines game and adventure, amusement and creativity, imagination and crafts.

The exhibition includes a set of animals for each child in an artistic workshop, an illustrated booklet for each family and participation in a big prize contest.

The exhibition will be open from Sunday to Saturday (excluding Fridays) from 18:30 to 21:30.

90 NIS Early sale ticket – 75 NIS Family card (up to 4 people) – 275 NIS.

There are some credit card and other discounts available.

Photo credit: Inbal Marmari.

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