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CoVino-20 Jerusalem Wine Nights

Jerusalem Wine Nights are a wine celebration for wine lovers!

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the purple standard, this well-known wine festival has been specially adapted!

All the wineries (12-13 wineries) that will present at the festival will have their own designated area. They will give a 20 min lecture for each group of visitors, with tastings to follow, accompanied by the winemaker or owner of the winery.

Each of the festival guests will be able to visit 5 wineries / workshops in the evening according to session they choose – 6pm-8:15pm or 8:30pm-11pm. (Times will be allotted to all the workshops, from which it will be possible to choose 5 wine workshops based on availability) and in addition, representatives and tasters of wineries will go around and distribute samples from wineries that are not hosting wine workshops at the festival.

In addition, there will be music performances, cheese stalls and more, all in according to the MoH “purple standard”.

Dates and hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 8-10/9/20, in 2 time groups: 6pm-8:15pm or 8:30pm-11pm.

Ticket Price: 79 NIS.

List of wineries are on the Hebrew site. Approx. 13 wineries will participate. 

* The event will operate according to the purple standard instructions. ** The purchase of tickets constitutes confirmation that the purchaser is not required to be in isolation and does not suffer from Covid-19 symptoms. If after purchasing the ticket the buyer will be required to isolate, he must present proof of this and he will be compensated accordingly. *** There may be changes, updates will be posted on Facebook.

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