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Costumes and Carnivals!

As published on Times of Israel:

In Israel, the Hamentaschen (or Oznei Haman) start filling the bakery shelves as soon as the last doughnut is eaten on Chanukah!

This year, with an extra Adar in the mix, the anticipation for Purim has had an extra long build up and as always, celebrations get under way as soon as we hit Rosh Chodesh (which is Thursday/Friday, March 9/10th). Our kids already have their school Purim schedule well underway and we face the daily task of making sure our kids are suitably dressed for “baby day”, “pajama day”, “mask day”, “face paint day”, “book character day”, “no school uniform day”, “color day” etc. over the next week or so. Never mind the school Purim Shuk which the kids love but my wallet does not 😉

So this year, Purim holiday is from Wednesday, March 23rd, giving the children a long weekend off school. There are loads of events all across the weekend so here are the best of them – enjoy!

  1. Adliyada – עדלאדה (image courtesy of Wikipedia, Purim Parade in Tel Aviv 1934)

This is the traditional Purim parade or carnival. The first ever parade took place in Tel Aviv in 1912! For years it only took place in Tel Aviv, until it moved to Holon and nowadays it takes place in almost every city in the week before Purim and is a street party for everyone.

Here are links to information about some of the parades. Check municipal websites for information about your town!

Holon (see image below from 2011) –  March 24 at 11:30 am – This year’s theme is 50 years of Israeli television with an emphasis on children’s programs! Free for everyone.

Ashkelon – March, 24 at 12 pm. Theme is your favourite stories! They promise a display of massive helium balloons in all your favourite characters as part of the parade!

Tel Aviv Port – March 24 from 10:00-16:00. An international carnival with carnivals from all over the world. For example, the New York area (at the sand pit) will include break dancing, rapping and beat box. Brazil (by NIKE store) will have professional Samba dance shows, Venice (in the northern part of the port) will host mime performances, living statues and professional circus act Juicy Lucy! Other areas include Africa (by RENUAR) and Israel (on the Northern decking).

Herzliya – March 24 at 10 am. In it’s 3rd year, this year’s theme is ‘stories into a dream’

Netanya – March 24 at 11:00 – Purim from the movies! There will be look-a-likes of famous characters, areas for superheroes, princesses and even break-dancing!

Beer Sheva – March 24 from 9:30am – Colorful street performance in the Old City of Beer Sheva, including arts and crafts and a costume competition.

Jerusalem – March 25 at Safra Square from 11:00-15:00. Dance shows, puppet shows, performances by children’s favorites, costume contests, arts and craft activities and more! They recommend getting there on the light railway. There is a list of Jerusalem events for March 25 here.

Other special Purim Events:



Madatech Haifa Science Museum – March 24-26th – Activities include professional face-painting, a photographer for your Purim costumes, natural science – animals in fancy dress outfits and a special presentation about colors as well as special story time. See their website for times.

Mini Golf Farod – is celebrating with inflatables, face painting, art activities as well as Mini golf of course.

Ein Shemer Museum – you can dress up as a pioneer, ride in a horse and cart and have a family photo dressed as pioneers and more…

Ginat Ochel in Bitan Aharon will be holding Purim themed events on March 24, a tour of the garden, face painting, mask making, clown workshop and clown performance and of course anemone picking!

Gan Garoo in Beit Shean region will have special Aborigine natural face painting as well as a ‘Jokes and Greggors’ tour at 12 pm! On Friday 25th and Shabbat, March 26th. Park Hamaayanot will also have a special show of ‘Puss in Boots’ right there in nature!



At Stalbetut in Hod Hasharon on Friday 25.3 from 11:00-14:00 (it opens at 9 am), you can join in the ‘Happening’ while you eat and pick delicious strawberries! Includes photo opportunities with a life size Minion and Elsa, as well as Purim activities and arts and crafts.

ARTALPEH – March 23-26th 10.00-19:00. This is an attempt to get children back to being to creative and away from the array of screens at their disposal every day. In Florentin, Derech Shlom, Tel Aviv, you can walk around the art exhibitions and displays and children can participate

in activities (60 shekels per child). They can choose from sculpturing out of broken toys, basic animation, painting improvisation, creating mandalas, preparing costumes, origami and more.

Beit Shemesh area:

The Biblical Natural History Museum – Shushan Purim March 25th – A special Purim tour at 10am (Hebrew) and 11:30 (English) and all the children that come dressed up will receive a special prize! Places are limited so book now!

Taoz Ranch – March 24th from 11:00am until 15:00 – a whole range of activities including horse riding, reining, inflatables and more.

Kakadu – special Purim workshop – designing Kakadu, Purim style, with mask and face drawings. On March 24th there are two slots at 11:00 and 13:00 and on the 25th at 11:30. Places are limited so book your place (85 shekel per person).

Mevashelet Srigim Boutique Brewery – sample their beer – ‘Ad-Li-Yada’ (until you don’t know anything…as the custom goes) in a beautiful setting. 10% off if you come in Purim costumes!

Jerusalem area:

Bible Lands Museum – On March 23 in the evening, it will turn into an Escape Room for Purim! Suitable for age 8+. Check specific times for this activity. On March 24-25th a special Megillah tour to ancient Persia – check tour times! Free for kids.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo – What do monkeys like in their Mishloach Manot? Find out at this year’s Purim event at the zoo. Also jugglers, life size characters, animal mask making, music and dancing and more!!


Ben Gurion’s House at Sde Boker – March 23-26th from 11:00-14:00. Become Ben Gurion for the day and make your own Ben Gurion mask, dress up in the khaki style clothes Ben Gurion is famous for and have your photo taken right where Israel’s first prime minister used to stand! The best photos will go on their Facebook page!

Yad Mordechai will give you a tour of the bees, a ride in a tractor carriage and a tour of the cow shed and more…

Even more events will be announced soon so check in at our website to see what’s new!!

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