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Color Cafe TLV

Updated: May 3, 2020

Location: Basel 34, Tel Aviv

Phone: 052-771-3208




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Elana Boteach Salomon
Color Cafe in Tel Aviv is great! Ailene Laufer runs it.


Color Cafe TLV is a boutique art hub and community! 

Color Cafe TLV is a boutique art studio creating special arts and crafts workshops for adults and children, offers “Language through Art” classes for children, arts and crafts events and parties and is a paint your own pottery studio.

At Color Cafe we love art in all its forms, we believe that socializing and having fun is an integral part of it. That’s why we throw Birthday and bachelorette parties, date nights, whatever our community loves, we’ve got it!

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How does paint your own pottery work?

1. Choose from one of our amazing bisques to bring to life. You’ll love them. 2. Schedule a time to paint the pottery you chose on our website and bring it to life with color at our studio 3. Take your masterpiece home once it’s ready for pick up! *We glaze and burn each bisque in our very own kiln. You just pick it up!*

Language Through Art

  1. Teaching art and culture through art activities in English, Russian, Spanish, German and French. As a mother and an art teacher, Ailene finds it really important to teach our children the art and culture of our world. The goal of these extra curricular activities is to teach about artists, art movements and art works through making art. Language through art (LTA) is a new art making program for the ages of 2 to 10 in different languages, from English to Russian and more. By integrating the arts and art making into language learning, children will develop and deepen their understanding of their own and other human experience. The arts convey what it means to be human, challenge the intellect and provide rich experiences in analysis, exploration, reflection, observation, imagination, experimentation, and communication.

Adult workshops

Color Cafe TLV supports artists! We love to give our studio to artists who don’t have a place of their own to do their workshops! Our workshops are run by all types of talented artists that we choose. We do date night, bachelors/bachelorette parties and other private events in collaboration with different artists.

Maternity leave workshops

These are workshops for moms on maternity leave and stay at home children. Including arts and crafts making for the baby, Pottery painting with the help of the baby’s hands and feet and art therapy for postpartum mothers.

About Ailene Laufer Ailene Laufer is the owner of Color Cafe TLV and runs arts and crafts workshops, English Through Art chugim and special themed events. She has a Bachelor Degree in Education and Fine Arts, and over 7 years of experience in teaching children.

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