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Coca Cola Factory Tour

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Bnei Brak



Recommended by:

Jeremy Kaye

“We were totally blown away by this. AACI had arranged a tour in English. 35 NIS for non-members, 25 NIS for members. Compared to the Strauss tour, this was a thousand times better. We had missed the requirement to be 8 years and up but they could see our boy certainly didn’t look 8 but no one asked any questions. The tour was totally child appropriate – took them through six purpose built rooms that had been properly invested in – each room told a different story. Very impressive. The only downside was that the tour inside the factory was not very long at all. (By the way, Coca Cola has 2,000 factories around the world and the one in Bnei Brak is in the Coca Cola Top 10 for inventiveness and automation!).”


You’ll feel like you got the golden ticket when you enter the famous Coca Cola factory and see behind the scenes of the world’s most famous brand.

For over age 8.

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