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Clay is my Art – Pottery Workshops by Lesley

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Nes Ziona,Rishon LeZion,Rechovot




It was a wonderful experience. We got to make some pinch pots, spend time on the wheel and decorate mugs that remind us of the relaxing, enjoyable morning we had. Lesley is welcoming, down to earth and passionate about what she does. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has a lot of patience for teaching.




Pottery is one of the oldest crafts known to man.  As soon as man developed fire, they discovered that the properties of clay changed and they were able to start utilizing these items for different purposes such as creating pots for storage and food preparation, and we still get great pleasure creating with this material today!

At Lesley’s pottery workshops you will:

  1. Learn how a pot is made

  1. Try out hand building techniques

  2. Get the  chance to throw your own pot on a potter’s wheel!

  3. You will also be able to decorate and glaze a pot of your own!

Note that your pots will be fired and ready to pick up at a later date or can be sent by mail, for an additional cost.

“Pottery was a hobby for me for more than 30 years and because of this, several years ago I left my job in office administration to do something I love.  It gives me great pleasure to be able to share with you my knowledge and passion for creating!”

Suitable for small groups, 6 years and up. 

For larger groups Lesley can also travel to a location (in central Israel) contact her for more information.

  1. Two hours of fun and a creative experience for both adults and children

  2. Tuition by an experience ceramic artist in a relaxing atmosphere

Please contact Lesley to book a workshop, or for more information.

Find Lesley on Facebook here:

or online at

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