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Choopla Ice Cream – צ’ופלה גלידה

Updated: May 5, 2020

Location: Har Tzofim 74, Rechovot

Phone: 050-5848373


Recommended by:

Miriam Frolich
Recommendation for ice cream making sadna at גלידה צ’ופלה in Rechovot. We went with visiting grandparents and kids ages 3-9. The owner, Ezra, ran it and was incredibly nice and patient. First, Ezra explained about all the ingredients that go into making the ice cream, which was informative and interesting for both the adults and kids. Then, he took us back into the kitchen to actually help in the preparation process. Everyone got a chance to pour, mix, blend, and play an active part in each stage of the process. Once the prep was finished and ice cream was ready, everyone got a large cup to eat with various toppings. The sadna was about 1-1.5 hrs, 55 shekels per person. I am pretty sure he mentioned he will be open over Pesach. Can definitely be paired with other activities in the area. גלידה צ’ופלה


Italian Ice Cream shop – Kosher, with gluten free options.

Located at the Holland Mall in Rehovot.

You can book awesome workshops for the whole family.

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