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Check out real experiences at the Darom Adom Anenome Festival this month!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

LoveLoveIsrael group members have been sharing beautiful photographs and tips about the wonderful nature festival in the South of Israel, where thousands of people venture out to see the beautiful wild flowers particularly in the Western Negev area.  Remember! There are beautiful flowers springing up all over Israel at this time of year, so just step outside and find some near you, and share it with us!

For a link to the Darom Adom website, click here!

יער שוקדה – Yaar Shokeda by Esther Fridman who was there this Friday! Absolutely stunning!

Check out this wonderful photo and useful comment by Mia Gotkine Serra. “We drove to the KKL park for a guided tour. The guy just talked and talked & it was really boring for the kids so we dropped the tour and went exploring. Was much better after that.”

Fredi Siskind Engelberg (image below)

“I went to Pura Nature reserve near Kiryat Gat last Friday and it was beautiful”

Aliza Bellehsen Avshalom shared these incredible photos in the North of Israel (see below) “If you can’t get to Darom Adom – or you’ve already been or you are in the north make a stop at the Meggido Landing near Afula (put מנחת מגידו in Waze). Amazing kalaniot in white pinks and purples. Not a huge area so great for little kids or a day with another site in the area. We did nachal keini which was also beautiful and short enough for a Friday. The winter is amazing – don’t miss it.”

Dina Lustiger Davidovics

“Emek Hamatzleva (Next to Gan Sacher) is full of kalaniot. I was there yesterday.”

Yoni Lightstone

“Givat haturmusim beside Beit Shemesh also has a lot of kalaniot in addition to rakafot and turmusim”

Gili Houpt 

“There are lots of great flowers in the Jerusalem forest. You don’t have to go very far”

Elisa Beth Greene

“I went to בתרונות רוחמה and it was perfect! The best place is just before the entrance to Kibbutz Ruchama.”

Leiah Elbaum shares her wealth of knowledge:

“In the Shokeda and Beeri Forest you pretty much start seeing meadows of kalaniot from the car park, it doesn’t require a lot of walking to take in some beautiful views. Nearby you can visit Hahatzer Shel Ora in Kfar Maimon (a dati leumi yishuv). Ora and her husband have a beautiful orchard with an amazing variety of fruit trees from all over the world. They offer tours of the orchard, tastes of the liquors, jams and juices they produce from their fruit and through it all tale their amazing stories of aliya (from Yemen and the Holocaust era Lodz ghetto), how they met serving in the IDF and their pioneering days founding Kfar Maimon in the 50s. Wonderful people and a wonderfu place to visit. If you book ahead you can arrange a traditional style Yemeni meal. There is a lot of kosher food in the area, we’ve stopped a couple of times in Netivot where there are loads of kosher restaurants from local hole in the wall falafel places to national chains and nice sit down places. We enjoyed dinner at Taam Ha-emek in the new Netivot shopping area.”

Kalia – Dead Sea area:

Leiah Elbaum: “Flowers everywhere, both sides of the road, but I think the biggest concentrations were closest to Ovnat (south of Kalia). Also a big meadows near the entrance to Einot Tzukim. Main issue is finding a safe place to stop near the road, make sure you are not entering a closed off area (some of the flower meadows are between the road and beaches that are closed because of sinkholes, so you can watch from the side of the road, but not venture further) You’ll like see lots of areas where cars are pulled off by the side of the road.”

But beware!

There have also been some disappointments of people going big distances and missing the flowers…even at one of the suggested places on the Darom Adom website! So definitely worth checking in on the LoveLoveIsrael group before you head there!!

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