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Camp Kimama

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


Recommended by:

Yasmin Shalev

‘Camp Kimama Israel have amazing programmes for bar mitzva from the amazing race around Jerusalem to watersports near ceasaria to dessert experiences. Give them a call and they can def help you…’


A Unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience to Remember Forever!

It’s amazing how time flies. It seem like just yesterday that your child was in diapers, doesn’t it? And now? He’s ready to celebrate his\her Bat\Bar mitzvah! (Bat mitzvah if a girl). The most significant event in a Jewish child’s life.

How can your family mark this event in a most original and meaningful way? (Without throwing your typical, “been there done that” bar/bat mitzvah party)?

Camp Kimama announces: A novel bar mitzvah experience in Israel that promises treasured memories for many years to come!

Your entire family will enjoy thrilling and festive activities, a shared spiritual experience, family bonding and a deep connection with Israel. The family photo album will be filled with dozens of vivid memories and stories to be told and retold for many years to come. So what does the Camp Kimama package include?

– A festive and unique bar/bat mitzvah ceremony and celebration. – A two-day trip in northern or southern Israel (with or without outdoor camping) for family and friends. – Challenge and ‘extreme’ sports. – Interactive games. – Dance party – Group-bonding activities. – Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony.

All this takes place at Kimama’s beautiful and green pastoral compound in Upper Galilee, or in the Negev. The program for your visit will be built in coordination with you, and your child. Kimama’s experienced staff of guides will conduct the activities in association with external specialists and our accomplished logistical apparatus.

Come to Kimama to honor the values of tradition, friendship, family and love for Israel. Come celebrate life!

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