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Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem opens tomorrow!

The Botanical Gardens in Givat Ram in Jerusalem will open its doors to the general public tomorrow according to the Ministry of Health's guidelines

Admission is free for children who live in Jerusalem!

The University Botanical Gardens in Givat Ram will open its doors to the public tomorrow, Wednesday 6/5/2020, according to the Ministry of Health's guidelines. Visitors can come by appointment and pre-registration only.

The Botanical Garden has disinfected the public areas and public services, and will carefully monitor the number of incoming visitors and will operate according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.


Tickets will be sold in advance on the website and payment will be by the hour;

Visitors will be asked to maintain distance between families / groups, avoiding the gathering of over 10 people;

Each visitor will have their temperature checked at the entrance to the garden (no entrance shall be permitted to anyone whose body temperature exceeds 38 degrees);

Every visitor must wear a personal mask and gloves are recommended (except for the exemptions according to the applicable guidelines).

It is possible to explore all around the Botanical Garden, and please note that the garden covers 120 acres and can therefore accommodate hundreds of people at the same time according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Tom Amit, CEO of the Botanical Garden notes: "After a month and a half when the Botanical Garden has been closed to visitors, we are pleased to announce that, in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Purple Standard guidelines, the Garden will open its doors to all residents of Jerusalem and of Israel. I strongly recommend visiting the vast expanses of our gardens, where you can enjoy the blooms, the flowing water, the fresh air, and the sights and scents of nature that is currently at the height of its bloom and ... some sanity. "

Opening hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 9-17

Friday: 9-14 p.m.

Saturday: 9 am-5pm

Directions - Please note: "Lower parking lot botanical garden". Only main entrance gate that is open.

Price: (Payable in advance on site)

Jerusalem children up to the age of 18 are free (You must bring Teudat Zehut for proof).

Garden Subscribers - Free (Subscribe).

Adults over 18- 35 NIS

The University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram is a gem of nature in the heart of Jerusalem. The garden acts as an educational and research center and contains a diverse collection of plants from all over the world in a geographical view. The garden is a hub for recreation, tourism and cultural events as well as a center for education, training and research. It is the largest botanical garden in Israel, covering 120 hectares, with the largest collection of living plants in Israel and the Middle East. The garden grows more than 6,000 species and varieties of different plants from the world, presented in six geographical plots and most of them are now blooming (South Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, Southwest and Central Asia and the Mediterranean). The garden plots simulate the vegetation landscapes of each area and present spectacular views throughout the year.

Today the garden is in the spring and blooming. At the entrance to the garden a display of dazzling wildflowers and carpets nourishes a fragrant smell.

In the South African section, he planted sage bushes and endless special succulents and others.

In the Asian section you can enjoy various beautiful grains, do not miss the farming area, where you can see wheat, barley, Paul and more. The Mediterranean part at the end of the garden is shady and beautiful, here blossom Lotem bushes, the shrub and a lot of wildflowers.

For more information:

University Botanical Garden Tel. 02-6794012

Tickets can only be booked through the website at

Photo credit: Tom Amit

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