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Best places for a Summer Splash!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The Summer is back!

You cannot beat a Summer splash to help cope with the heat, and apart from the sea itself, we are fortunate that Israel has a growing number of free or cheap splash areas in many cities that operate regularly, and are specifically meant for kids to cool off in. Worth calling respective municipalities to confirm they are on if you are not sure!

Of course if you feel like splurging on a day of water fun there are also some great water parks and water sports that you can find on as well as some great discounts if you have a loveloveisrael card!

So, if you are stuck for ideas or can’t remember what time the fountains are on…keep this blog handy!!

Water Fountains across Israel!


Beer Sheba

AshdodBig Fashion Mall. Great sprinkler area, and Babylon arcade nearby too. As well as a mixture of great kosher and not kosher eateries. Park Ashdod Yam runs a water show in the evenings that is fun to check out if you are nearby.

Beer ShevaCity Park, or the ‘beach’  is a great place to cool off in the middle of BeerSheba city!

Beit SheanPark Eucalyptus is located in Shchunat Eliyahu, it’s the second main road in the city. If you come in from No. 90, turn left at the second roundabout and drive down the road till you hit a huge roundabout and it’s on your left….There is a fun playground and of course lots of water fun. Note: Closed on Sundays.

CarmielPark Hamishpacha is free for residents and a fee of 20 shekel per person for visitors. Totally worth it, this park has some great activities including of course water fountains!


Teddy Park, Jerusalem

GivatayimPark Givatayim has a great park and next to it a great fountain area that runs during July and August 16:30-19:00. It is also conveniently near the mall.

Haifa – Nurit Fiszerman-Levy recommended Park Ramat Hanasi in haifa and also the botanical garden in Akko but we are not sure about the hours. Also, while you need to pay to get into the museum you can get very wet at the outdoor science area in the Madatech Haifa Science museum.

Hod Hasharon – Splash pad right by Chetzi Chinam. 25 shekel entry. Great for children up to around 8 years old. Small enclosed area. Parents highlight — a people dryer so your car won’t get wet! Also it’s next door the Sharonim mall which houses the Minicity with cute fun activities for children such as a mini gym, mini supermarket and mini cafe.

Jerusalem–  Teddy Kolleck Park — operating hours can be found by checking their Facebook page (water, lights and music). Each time it is on for 30 minutes. Free, fun but slippery and hot so be careful. Make sure you check their Facebook page for any changes or updates.

Netanya – Sprinklers in Kikar Ha’atzmaut, at the beginning of the cafes, next to a lovely big pond. It is near the steps down to Sironit beach. On usually all day. Free. Special summer evening fountain show at 21:00.


Ashdod Fashion Mall

Rishon LetzionGan B’Ivrit. Great (free) park — plenty of shade and great for the under 10 years age range. Sprinkler area. On all day EXCEPT between 13:00-16:00. Be careful to pay for parking if necessary.

Rosh Ha’ayin – Right next to fresh kitchen kosher coffee shop, adjacent tayelet has other (non splash) fountains too. (Recommended by Ilana Friedman)

Shoham – Turn right to enter Shoham by the big Osem storage building, North of Shoham and head straight ahead for a great park and fountains that run during the summer from 16:00-19:00. Check with Shoham Irya (municipality) for more information.

Tel Avivat the Port. Sprinklers near behind Shilav. Usually on during the day/evening. No changing facilities, but great for cooling off. Sprinklers have been spotted opposite the Dan Panorama in Tel Aviv in the park/promenade there – let us know! Water show during July at night at the port as well.

Petach Tikva – Park Yad Lebanim right by the Petach Tikva Gan Hachai Zoo has great playground and a new fountain park.

Zichron YaakovPark Hamoshava. New, fun, modern, well equipped park with sprinklers. Free. UPDATE: 7.7.16 the fountains have still not been turned on. Contact Zichron Irya to see if on.

Raanana – at Neve Zemer on Weizman at the new Sportech is a small splash pad with sprinklers.

Many more towns have opened up splash pads so it is worth asking the local municipality if you are not sure there is one where you are staying!

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