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Be part of the Trend! Get your Trendy LoveLoveIsrael Tembel Hat Here!

The Tembel hat, 'Kova Tembel' or 'Fool's Hat!' (or bucket hat if you are out of Israel!) has so much history here in Israel. What sort of a community would we be if we didn't get in on this (now world) trend and wear the trendiest tembel hat out there....the exclusive, embroidered LoveLoveIsrael tembel hat!!!

Join us in taking Israel by storm and wearing your LLI Tembel all over Israel! Send us your photos of all the places your tembel hat goes! Let's go out and really enjoy the month of August in Israel this Summer!!

Tag us @loveloveisrael and #loveloveisrael and let's see where the LLI tembel can go!

Order yours by clicking here!