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The Tower of David Museum. Photo Credit: Naftali Hilger


Three new routes with audio guides in English and Hebrew to explore the history of Jerusalem starting at the Tower of David Museum:

A Bird's Eye View of Jerusalem

A new audio tour route takes the visitor through historical models and artifacts to show the timeline of Jerusalem. The new route, entirely located in the open air of the extensive citadel, invites visitors to get to know Jerusalem and discover how the city has changed throughout history. The tour includes unique historical models of Jerusalem that illustrate the changes that have taken place in Jerusalem over thousands of years. A large and detailed model of 19th-century Jerusalem located in a 1500-year-old cistern is one of the many exhibits. Along the route there are many points of interest as well as finds from different eras in Jerusalem that were discovered in archaeological excavations at the citadel. The archaeological finds and detailed models complement the story of the development of the city during some 3,000 years of history.

The Mystery of Herod's Palace and the Kishle Excavations Tour

Now open for the first time to independent visitors with a brand new audioguide. This tour invites visitors to embark on a fascinating journey into the city's past, to revisit the great events and stories that shaped history.  The tour begins within the citadel at the Tower of David citadel and continues to the moat and on through to the excavations in the Kishle complex. In 1999, the Israel Antiquities Authority conducted an extensive archaeological excavation in the Kishle building, revealing secrets of the city from the days of the First Temple to the present time. Now, for the first time, the site is accessible to the independent visitor. The tour route takes visitors through the remains of King Herod's palace, to a medieval Jewish workshop and to the prison in the Kishle.   It includes rare finds, fascinating stories and testimonies. The fabric of stories and evidences interweave and present the great timeline of events that took place in the Old City of Jerusalem over 3,000 years.

BANAI – A Musical Journey from Persia to Jerusalem

Trace one family’s journey from Persia to Jerusalem and discover how their history is interwoven with the development of Israeli culture as well as the development of the city of Jerusalem. The audio-guide led tour allows for visitors become acquainted with the Banai Family and the songs and stories that made them famous and are so treasured by many in Israel today.

Eilat Lieber, Director of the Tower of David Museum, said: 

"The Tower of David Museum reveals and illuminates the rare and unique aspects of Jerusalem in everything it does.
We are happy and excited to reopen the Tower of David Museum to the general public with a new exhibition "BANAI - A Musical Journey from Persia to Jerusalem", that weaves together the story and creations of members of the Banai family, one of our country's leading cultural assets. The exhibition focuses, for the first time, on the music of Jerusalem, a city whose musical heritage is broad and comprehensive: sacred and secular melodies, ancient and innovative melodies, and pop culture. In the new exhibition, Jerusalem's melodies accompany the family journey over a century of tradition and history to the heart of Israeli culture.
Additionally, we are launching two new tour routes: “A Bird's Eye View of Jerusalem”, a unique route between fascinating historical models and "The Mystery of Herod's Palace and the Kishle" that for the first time, opens up the excavation for independent visitors. We look forward to hosting you in the museum and the Citadel courtyards which are open in accordance with all Ministry of Health guidelines."


Adult Tours:

Temple Mount - A Closer Look

The Temple Mount, with the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque in the center, is the most prominent and distinctive symbol of the Jerusalem skyline. The 150,000-square-foot rectangular complex is one-sixth the size of Jerusalem's Old City. Today there are beautiful and spectacular architectural structures on top of the mount that once housed the first and the second Jewish Temple. It is the most important and sacred place in the Middle East, both religiously and politically with thousands of years of history under each and every footstep.

11.8, Wed 26.8 at 7:15 | Duration of the tour 3 hours (tour of the Temple Mount only) | Price - 90 NIS per participant | Guide: Ofra Regev | Visitation is in accordance to the rules and regulations of Temple Mount and dress code must be adhered to. | Reservation required

Simon and Me. A tour inspired by Yossi Banai

Inspired by the BANAI exhibition, the tour takes visitors through the center of town and to Machane Yehuda Market following the memoirs and nostalgia of Yossi Banai for his childhood in Jerusalem. The tour follows the sites mentioned in his songs and stories.

* The tour does not include a visit to the exhibition

The Tour in Hebrew | Thursdays  6.8.20 at 17.00 | Duration 3 hours | Price - NIS 80 per participant | Guide Nurit Basel |Reservation required

The Persian Neighborhoods in Jerusalem - Inspired by the Banai Exhibition Tour of Shabbat Zedek and Neve Shalom Neighborhoods in Jerusalem that were set up by the Shirazi and Persian communities.  At the time that the neighborhoods were built, these communities had the odds stacked against them but nonetheless they succeeded in recovering from hunger and famine and established the neighborhoods and synagogues.

* The tour does not include a visit to the exhibition

Thursday 20.8.20 at 17:00 | Duration 3 hours | Price NIS 90 per participant | Guide: Akiva Segal | Reservation required. Private group tour in English available with advanced booking.


Wall Stories - A tour that combines songs, legends and stories about events, characters and sites in Jerusalem. The tour starts at the Tower of David Museum, passes through the moat, the Kishle excavations and onto the Rampart Walls and ends at the Western Wall

Mon 11.8, Mon 27.8 at 5pm | The Tour in Hebrew | Tour Duration Two Hours | Price 55 NIS per participant (including entrance to the Promenade of the Walls) | Reservation required | Suitable for families with children from the age of 6. Not suitable for walkers and babies in stroller | The tour can be coordinated and booked for a private groups (up to 20 participants) for 1000 NIS.

Exit from the Walls  - Explore how the Jewish communities left the Old City over 150 years ago from the Tower of David to Mishkenot Sha'ananim

In a guided tour, hear about the living conditions of the Old City, the philanthropist Moses Montefiore and know the first neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City

Thursday 6.8, Tuesday 25.8 at 17:00 | The Tour in Hebrew | Tour Duration Two Hours | Price - 35 NIS per child, 45 NIS per adult | Reservation required | Suitable for families with children from the age of 6 | Private group can be coordinated and booked on other dates (up to 20 participants) for NIS 800. Private groups can also be arranged in English.

The songs that play where they are now?

A guided tour of Nachlaot and the Mahane Yehuda market when you step back in time and learn about childhood games of the beginning of the 20th century. Learn about different communities from all over the world who went on a journey around the world to get to Jerusalem.

Tuesday 4.8, Thursday 20.8 at 17:00 | The Tour in Hebrew | Tour Duration Two Hours | Price - 35 NIS per child, 45 NIS per adult |Guide: Eve Stein | Reservation required | Suitable for families with children from the age of 6.

Cooking with the Bible

A tour of the seven species and spice plants on the Armon HaNatziv Promenade, which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Old City basin and the Temple Mount. The tour includes cooking and a shared meal (pita and cheese)

Thursday 13.8, Tuesday 18.8 at 17:00 | The Tour in Hebrew | The tour lasts two hours and a half | Price - 35 NIS per child, 45 NIS per adult | Guide: Gali Shabbat Barzani Reservation required | Suitable for families with children from the age of 6

The Treasure Hunt

An experiential and challenging activity for the whole family throughout the magnificent Tower of David Citadel. A competitive game about events that took place in Jerusalem, the different cultures of the city and its rulers.

The participants climb to the observation towers, discover hidden passages, know the characteristics of the fort and understand the complexity and importance of Jerusalem. The game requires creative thinking, solving puzzles and performing tasks leading to the treasure!

Hebrew Activity | Duration: 1 hour and a half | Reserved and pre-arranged | Suitable for families with children from the age of 6 | The tour can be coordinated and booked for a private group (up to 20 participants) for 500 NIS.


The Tower of David Museum operates under the Purple Guidelines of the Ministry of Health and makes every effort to ensure the safest experience for our public and staff. Masks must be worn at all time.

The main entrance to the Museum is closed during the summer months due to renovation – and all entrance is through the GAN DAVID entrance adjacent to the Jaffa Gate and across the way from the Mamilla Boulevard.

Opening hours for the Tower of David in July and August:

Sunday – Closed

Monday – Thursday, Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00 (exit by 19:00)

Friday: 10:00 – 14:00 (exit by 15:00)

For more information on accessibility, reservations and further information – please call *2884 or check on line at


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