Ashdod Port on Yom Haatzmaut

Updated: Apr 1, 2020



The Port visitor’s Center website is here for more details

Here is a discussion from the LoveLoveIsrael Facebook group about Ashdod Port in 2015.

Images courtesy of Rachael Rizby-Raz

Responses: Sara Reishtein Bernstein – Not really. You weren’t actually allowed on the ships. You got to look at stuff from behind a barricade, ask Navy personnel questions and pose your kids for photos wearing the sailor’s hats. My kids had fun after the waiting was over but no way are we going back.

Rachael Risby-Raz – Yes….bit of a balagan….but nice set up…saw all the ships, lots of displays but I think we spent more time getting there than we were actually there!

Debbie Rubel – We made it in – only because we were the fifth car in a newly opened parking lot. Once we were in it was interesting and pleasant. Fun to see once. We also only ended up being there about an hour.

Judy Elkus Nee Abudarham – Shame – we were there. The wait for the bus was insane – we waited an hour to drive what would have been a 20 minute walk if they’d have let us. Inside was great – didn’t feel crowded at all, friendly naval officers to chat to about their work, fun displays of sowed boats and other stuff, a good view of the flyovers, a navy music group singing and generally plenty to see (even though we couldn’t go on the boats/ subs). But then a 40 min wait for bus back to carpark….

Dvora Richman -We got there around 10 , traffic wasn’t too bad. My kids 3-14 all had a really fun time looking at the ships, firefighters and even got to see some of the airplanes flying over Ashdod, we stayed for close to 3,5 hours!!! For us it was a successful activity!

Liora Levy Sender -We went. It was terribly organised compared to 4 years ago when we went. The wait for the buses was disgracefully organised and frankly dangerous. There was pushing and shoving and children almost crushed. Terrible terrible terrible. Once we were there it was quite nice and not crowded at all. The last time we went we marveled at how brilliantly organised it was. Still, I think the kids enjoyed at the end of the day.

Sorelle Weinstein – this is the one time that I am grateful to my kids for refusing to get out of bed this morning so we could get to Ashdod, as originally planned…

Dorona Reingold – We got got stuck in about 20 min of traffic, but then actually found the rest quite organized. Only waited 15 minutes for the shuttle bus. But I think we were just lucky because I heard of other experiences like yours. My friend was only 15 minutes  behind us, but gave up after being told she’d need to wait 2 (!!) hours for a shuttle bus. Kids ( ages 5,9,11) had fun but left after about an hour. Was too windy to just hang out. Nikki Ralston- My friends drove all the way from the mercaz an then gave up and went home. We popped in to Tel Aviv in 20 minutes and it was awesome.

Tanya Jacobs Is it open at other times of the year?

Sara Reishtein Bernstein Rachael Risby-Raz I have similar pictures. My kids spent about half an hour watching the falling water and firefighting boats

Yudit Frei- I also found the buses to be very organised. There was some waiting – but that’s only to be expected on such a busy day. In side didn’t feel crowded at all – there was loads to see, the sailors were really friendly, music and atmosphere was great. There was nowhere to stop and sit for a snack or a rest which was a shame, and the toilet situation was disastrous, but we had a lovey time. On the way back to the car the heavens opened and they put on extra buses to take everyone back to their cars even if they were far, with special stops to collect people who were walking in the rain. One of those great only in Israel times.

Freda Baer -We had a nice time.but we knew it would be crazy and we were there by 8:45. We spent a few hours there with 9,6 and 20 month old.

Ammi Field Dorevitch -We got there about 10 – wasn’t too bad yet based on previous years Yom HaAatzmaut traffic experiences….kids were OK waiting….but if not, wouldn’t have been too pleasant. I think my husband and I enjoyed more than the kids. It was a nice activity, but I wouldn’t necessarily do again. Weather wasn’t great either, we had planned to stay for a few hours and prepared lunch – but nature wasn’t on our side. We left when our kids were ready. Was definitely expecting more activities, but really think the weather made an impact. Lines were long…

Rachael Risby-Raz -We left around 1:30 pm and the roads were empty….so point to remember for next year….go in the afternoon!

Yudit Frei -Don’t go in the afternoon. They did not let anyone in after 2.


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