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Art 192 - Gallery of Craftswomen in Acre/ Acco

Art 192- gallery for Galilean craftswomen is a joint initiative of 10 female artists from the Galilee and Golan who create different types of art in ceramics, glass, recycled materials and more.

The Gallery is located in one of the Old City alleys of beautiful Acre, inside a conserved building from the Ottoman empire era.

Whenever you visit, you can meet one of the artists in person, hear her personal story and creative process and learn about art in the Galilee.

The Gallery displays a variety of ceramics and glass creations, clay tools, necklaces and bracelets made of old paper, homemade`cor items from recycled materials, colorful statues and figurines and many more gifts. You can purchase the Gallery art, participate in workshops for small groups and enjoy different art related events.

Such a special and unique place. Worth adding this to your visit to the North of Israel!

Cover image credit: Art 192

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