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African Nights at Jerusalem’s Botanical Gardens – Summer 2017

You no longer have to fly far away to discover Africa. Just go to the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem this

Summer! Kai from the Masai tribe and Lulu from the Zulu tribe and an African princess, embark on an adventure and invite the whole family to discover the treasures of Africa. Join them on the way to discovering the secret missions on the treasure map that Kai and Lulu find. If they meet all the tasks they will become the heirs of the African continent and will be able to find the secret treasure! Lulu, Kai and the visitors undergo a journey, full of challenging and fun experiences, the will learn about African history and culture, meet fascinating and funny people and perform tasks that require boldness, wisdom and creativity.

On the journey:

The stories of the African tribes, the cultures and potions of the amusing tribal doctor, dance to the rhythms of the Masai tribe, learn to drum on the body and sing the rain song, recognize the sounds of the night, crack puzzles, run through the maze and break personal records. Discover the secret secret treasure, which is sometimes right under your nose! A family adventure that connects the views of the botanical garden with its unique vegetation from the rare continent. The night experience is accompanied by a rich and unique soundtrack that creates a magical fantasy,

Feel free to dress up in African costumes on your visit to add to the fun. The walkway is accessible and is suitable for ages 2-12.

July 1 – August 31, Sunday – Thursday and Saturday. From 17:00 to 22:00. Last entry 21:15 Closed on the eve of Tisha B’Av, July 31, and August 1 (Tisha B’Av).

LoveLoveIsrael Correspondent, Sarah sent us this review!

‘Just came back from a very sweet evening at the botanical gardens. We went with 5 kids aged 1-8.

‘African nights’ is a series of stations that kids go through with the help of African characters. It’s a treasure hunt of sorts with activities on the way.

The more enjoyable parts were the more interactive places. Digging for gold and the maze were among the favorites.

As it gets dark the gardens start to look magical and it added to the atmosphere for my kids and was even a bit scary for my 4 year old.

My 6 year old boy absolutely loved everything about it. Best for ages 6 and above I think.

Here were their reviews…

It was interesting- girl aged 8

Loved when we looked for gold – girl aged 7

I liked all the people who showed us the way- it was so fun- boy aged 6′

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