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Accessibility Improvements at the Ayalon Institute/ Bullet Factory

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The Ayalon Institute, also called the Bullet Factory is one of the must-visits regularly recommended in the LoveLoveIsrael group.

The narrow winding staircase. Photo Credit: Ayalon Institute

The Ayalon Institute presents the story of a secret factory that manufactured ammunition, built underneath a limestone hill. On the surface it was used for training groups of young people (garinim) for Kibbutz life and the story behind it is both fascinating and miraculous. The one caveat has always been the fact that it is not accessible due to the narrow winding staircase down to the old factory floor. (see image above).

However, they have made the most of the lockdown period and have worked on improving the accessibility of the heritage site. They have now completed a safer staircase, and wheelchair ramps in other areas - see below. As for an elevator, it is currently in a very progressed stage, but not yet available. They expect to have it within the next few months!

Hopefully once lockdown is over and these sites are allowed to reopen, this will mean everyone will be able to visit (perhaps for the first time).

Photo credit: Ayalon Institute

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