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8 Ideas for 8 Days of Chanukah!

Chanukah 2017 starts TONIGHT – the evening of 12th December, until the last day on 2nd December. Here are our eight ideas for you to enjoy every day of Chanukah!


Click here to see the LoveLoveIsrael guide to shows for adults and children in December! Our exclusive LoveLoveIsrael review of Aladdin and Jasmine, the Princess is here.

2. Make some Doughnuts or get creative with food!

Saidels Artisan Baking Institute run a fantastic doughnut workshop which is great for all ages. Book now for their last spaces!

You can also book in for the Roladin workshop if you are quick enough – this is aimed at ages 5-10 years. They don’t allow children under 5.



Also check out Pat Bamelach workshops over the chanukah period.

These are certainly not edible but they are beautiful and all natural – make stunning soaps at The Soap Factory!

At Galita by Tzuba you can make chocolate in the spirit of Chanukah. (now Kasher Lemehadrin)

Top it off with a yummy workshop at Lol & Pop making natural and delicious candy!

3. Experience the Old City during Chanukah!


  1. ScaVentures will be running some fantastic Scavenger hunts during Chanukah – in the old city and elsewhere. Check their website for more details.

  1. Tours of the old city – including all the famous sites, joining in the public lighting ceremony and seeing all the beautiful chanukiot in the old city. You even get a doughnut on some tours! They have in English depending on numbers. More details can be found on the Old City website. Or call *4987. Tours will run 12-19th December 16:00-18:00.

  1. Mamilla has a fun lighting schedule run by Chabad – every night at 6:30pm (7:45 on Motzei) a guest of honor will light the chanukiah followed by musical performances!

Some of LoveLoveIsrael’s most popular workshops will be running over Chanukah. What makes these so great is that many of them work for all ages and they always make for fantastic family bonding time and you always come back with something great that you have made yourselves.

Click here for LoveLoveIsrael’s full list of workshops. You need to book in advance!

Ein Yael will be having a special day of chanukah themed arts and crafts on Dec 20th – children go free! Just the adults pay 25 shekel each.

5. Relive the Maccabean times!

Visit Neot Kedumim, where you will experience the Hasmonean era with special tours and activities including the chance to dress up in Hasmonean-style costume!

Neot Kedumim

Chevel Binyamin – 14-15th December. Fab free festival! Come and prepare delicacies

Derech Hatavlinim

with the village baker, make arrowheads and bayonets with the iron smith, crawl in hiding caves and pose for a photo with a Greek elephant that was taken hostage. For older children –  search for pottery in a heap of destruction, make bow and arrows and shoot at targets and challenge yourselves on the ropes course! For more details click here. or call 1800-34-54-54.

Fabulous chanukah themed fun at Derech Hatavlinim, Beit Lechem Haglilit. Click here for details.

Orienteering – this is Israel’s latest craze! Go out in the fresh air and challenge yourselves to follow maps, use a compass and find the clues in the area of the Maccabees and in Ancie

nt Yaffo. Great fun for all the family!

Orienteering with Amit Gur

Chanukah is a great opportunity to give back and to think about others less fortunate. There are many opportunities

around and you can look at a list of volunteering ideas here.

Special mention goes to this new eye-opening “Rolling Workshop” run by Beit Hagalgalim. Entrance fee is a donation straight towards the charity and the workshop they run really helps give you an appreciation into the incredible struggles people face doing everyday things. Over Chanukah you will eat donuts, spin the dreidel and light the Chanukiah – but in a way you haven’t experienced before. There are tours in English and Hebrew and it is suitable for all ages.

All around Israel the museums are running special events for Chanukah week.

  1. In Jerusalem’s Science Museum, visit the special La La LED exhibit. During the whole week of Chanukah all children under age 18 go FREE ! Special events include illuminated art installations * Darkness and light tours * Construction workshop – building illuminated insects *In Another Light exhibits * Fire Salad – scientific demonstration * Lighting a musical Chanukiyah and more!

  1. Other museums worth checking out over Chanukah are Madatech in Haifa, Carasso Museum in beer Sheva, Mahuti Museum in Tel Aviv, Technoda in Hadera, Hamachsan Shel Saba in Beit Meir, Ben Gurion’s house in the south,

8. National Heritage week

Special interactive events are being run to commemorate National Heritage week over Chanukah at 13 heritage sites across Israel. From 12-20th December. Click here  for a full list of the events.  Activities are at no extra cost apart from admission.

Have a great Chanukah!

Please tell us what you end up doing, and be sure to join our amazing Facebook group and like our page to follow more ideas and ask your questions about things to do in Israel!


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