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71 Heritage Sites open for FREE on Yom Haatzmaut 2019!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Go and visit somewhere new this Yom Haatzmaut! Here are 71 places opening their doors for free on Israel’s 71st birthday! May 9th 2019.

To find out the flyover times for Yom Haatzmaut, click here!

For more information on ALL the Yom Haatzmaut events, click here! Chag Sameach!

The South:

1.Nitzanim – One of the toughest battles in the Independence War happened here. Tours leave on the hour from 9-13:00. Book your place 08-6727895

2. The Open Museum at Negba – Tours on the hour at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 050-5560554

3. Ben Gurion’s Hut is offering a unique and free event where you can sign your name on Israel’s declaration of Independence!! Also dancing and a show.08-6560469.

4.Holocaust Museum at Yad Mordechai – hear about battles and rebellions 08-6720599

5.The Stronghold against Gaza at Kibbutz Saad- Learn about the first religious Jews who settled in the Negev, in the last remaining building since the War of Independence. 052-3907809

6.Jo Alon Bedouin Center – 8:30-15:00 with two guided tours at 10:00 and 13:00 . 08-9913394

7.Mitzpe Revivim – Mitzpe Revivim tells the fascinating tale of the southernmost Jewish outpost during early settlement days. It played a strategic, clandestine role in the early defense of the Negev. Enter its Byzantine caves, which once served as command bunker and field hospital. Walk through its restored fort, climb its lookout tower, run through its trenches, search for its hidden weapons cache, learn its secret communication methods, and view its WWII-era Dakota C-47 and Piper Cub planes. 10:00-14:00 08-6562638

8.The Yoav Fortress –  a heritage center as well as an historic monument of The Givati Brigade. 9:00-14:00 08-6611316.

The Train Yard Engine 70414 in Beer Sheva

9.The Train Yard Engine 70414 in Beer Sheva– A quaint museum on the original rail tracks of the Turkish line set up in 1915. Call to arrange tours.08-6234613

10.Wells at Kibbutz Alumim – 08-9937300

11.  The Rishonim Site in Rochma – 0547995149

Jerusalem and the surrounding areas:

12.Old Yishuv Court Museum – 02-6276319 Tours on the hour

13.Ammunition Hill – In addition to the usual site there will be an omega and ropes course for an extra fee.  02-5829393

14.Yellin House – 02 5345443

15.Gush Etzion Visitor’s Center – book on to a tour 02-9935160

16.Tower of David Museum -9:00-16:00 *2884

Yellin House

17.Museum of Underground Prisoners – Open 10:00-17:00 02-6233166

Jerusalem Underground Prisoner’s Museum

18.Shai Agnon House – 02-6716498 They recommend calling to register a place.

19.The Menachem Begin Center – 02-5652020

20.Latrun – no need to book – just turn up!


21. Sites in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City – including:

The Hurva Synagogue

The Herodian Quarter

22. Beit Levi Eshkol – An interactive experience for the whole family. Need to register 02-6313091

Tel Aviv & Center:

23. The Palmach Museum

24.Yitzchak Rabin Museum – you must book a place 03-7453358

25.Ben Gurion’s House – 03-5221010

26.The Jabotinksky Museum – 03-5287320

27.Joseph Bau House – There will be tours, workshops and a children’s art activity. 054-4301499

28.Rokach House – 5168042–03

29.Sarona Visitor’s Center – Book a place 03-6048434

30.Israel Defense Forces History Museum – 9:00-16:00 03-5172913

31.Etzel Museum – 03-5253307

32.Hagana museum – Open 9:00-16:00 03-5608624

33.Lechi Museum – 03-6820288

34.Etzel Museum Tashach (1948) – 9:00-16:00 03-5172044

35.Nachum Gutman Museum 03-5161970

36. Bank of Israel Visitor’s Center – Age 8+. Tours last 1hour 30 mins. Must book! 03-5640781/2

Bank of Israel

37.Husmasa Museum, Holon – 03-5050425

38.Mikve Yisrael Visitor’s Center – 03-5030489

39.Rishon Lezion Museum – 03-9598862

40.Moshava Museum, Mazkeret Batya – 08-9349525

41.Ayalon Institute (Bullet Factory) – 9:00-16:00. Last tour at 15:00. You must reserve. 08-9406552

42. Netanya City Museum – 09-8840020

43. Beit Hagedudim Museum –  09-8822212

The North:

44.The Shomer Museum – 8:00-16:00. No need to reserve – they give you a sheet explaining what to do/see 04-6941565

45.Chatzer Tel Chai – 10:00-15:00 tours every half an hour. Reserve a place 04-6951333

46.Beit Zinati – 04-9997197

47. Reut Museum – tours leave on the hour. 04-6432810

48.Reconstruction site Rosh Pina – Open 10:00-14:00. Two special tours. 04-6936913

49.Beit Hame’iri, Tzfat – Open 10:00-15:00 with tours on the hour. A great museum of nostalgia, of Tzfat from 200 years ago until today. 04-6971307

50.Chatzer Kinneret – Great for families and children, with actors of famous historical fugures. At 1:00, 12:00 and 14:00. 04-6709117

51.Naharayim BaGesher – Open 9:00-16:00. Well shaded. Two guided tours by foot over to the view of the Jordanian Border at 11:00 and 12:30. 04-6752685

52.Palmach Cave – Watch a film and learn about how this cave became the headquarters for the Palmach. Also there, you can do the Shvil Hachidot – a hike that you follow to find rock which have questions on them about the Palmach period. Also there is a challenge area for the whole family based on Palmach codes.  Tours on the hour from 10:00-15:00.  04-9898946 ,052-4471109

Palmach Cave

53.The historical Police Station in Nehalal – Tours at 9:00, 11:00 and 15:00 04-6415073

54. The ‘slik’ in Nehalal – Open 9:00-15:00 with tours on the hour. 052-3347194

55. The Valley Museum – A museum about the pioneers of Israel. 04-654897458.

56. Chaim Sturman House – 04-6486328

57.Hanita Museum – Lovely children’s booklet and craft activity. 04-9859677

58.The Kfar Yehoshua Emek Train Station Visitor Center – Open 9:00-14:00.  04-9534226

59.Atlit Detention Center – There will be tours on the boat. You must book a place 04-9841980

60.Otzarot Hachoma Museum, Acre – Open 10:00-16:00. Suitable for the whole family. 04-9911004

61.Acre Underground Prisoners museum – Open 9:00-16:00. Tours on the hour. 04-9911375

62.The First Aliya Museum in Zichron Yaakov – Open 10:00-16:00, Bring your cameras for a guided tours with historical personalities. 04-6294777

63.The Chan Museum 04-6324562

64. Feinberg House – 053-4279114

65. Ehad Haam Visitors Center, History of Hadera

66. Beit Yigal Alon in Nof Ginnossar

67. Haifa Museums:

Haifa City Museum – 04-9115888

Hermann Struck Museum –   04-9127090

68. The National Maritime Museum – Children’s workshops, see ships, dress up 04-8536622

69.Etzel Museum in Shoni – 052-8330177

70.Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum– 04-8537672, 072-2798030

71. Beit Fisher in Kiryat Ata

For more details see the Israeli Heritage website.


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